Star Wars Galactic Dessert Party

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Disney Dessert parties are growing more and more popular. Magic Kingdom and Epcot have their own dessert parties as well. Being an avid Star Wars fan myself, this one obviously suited me quite well!

The parties have a steep price, but the view alone for the Star Wars fireworks at the end of the evening is worth it. The price is currently $79 USD per adult, $45 USD per child. You get all you can eat desserts and snacks, and even all you can drink alcohol (and they aren’t weak drinks!).

During the dessert party, you have the opportunity to meet the characters! Including BB8, Chewbacca and Kylo Ren. Stormtroopers also patrol the party area and are very interactive!

BB8 at the Star Wars Launch Bay

The food was really well done. There were definitely a lot of cupcakes, like Darth Vader (chocolate peanut butter), and R2D2 (vanilla) cupcakes, as well as rice crispy treats, tons of other mini desserts and a freeze dry Nutella truffle station. The freeze dried Nutella truffles were a super cool experience as they do it right in front of you, freezing Nutella in liquid nitrogen — and you can have as many as you want.

Mini BB8 lemon desserts
Who doesn’t want all you can eat cupcakes?
Some of the dessert options
Freeze drying Nutella Truffles in liquid nitrogen

And, if you aren’t feeling like just dessert, there’s other snacks to choose from as well. Such as light sabers of olives and cheese,  and tomatoes and cheese, naan bread and chips, and fruit!

Some of the snack selection

Now, there are plenty of non-alcoholic drink items available as well. However there are also alcoholic drink options, and you can also have as many as you like! This is definitely a way to get your money’s worth, as mixed drinks are usually all over $10 in the parks and resorts.

Drink Bar

You can ask for mixed cocktails, or even a beer or glass of wine if you like. As it is a Star Wars dessert party, they provide Star Wars themed cocktails (and be careful they are quite strong considering its unlimited!)

The drinks they provide are: Galactic Punch: which is coconut rum, spiced rum, mango syrup and passion orange guava juice. Cosmic Citrus Twist: which is citrus vodka and watermelon lemonade. Lightspeed Margarita: This one was my personal favorite, it is tequila, blood orange syrup, sour mix and lime juice, and finally Swamp Milk: which is vodka, melon liqueur, vanilla syrup and a bit of half and half. Just remember to drink responsibly!!

At the end of the party, everyone is given a bottle of water, and a souvenir. It is usually a Chewbacca stein, but the night I attended it was a BB8 cup like you can buy in the parks.

The castmembers will walk all party members outside, to a roped off area directly in front of the Chinese Theatre, where they get to watch the “Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Fireworks” show, with an absolutely amazing view!

Projection of Darth Vader on the Chinese Theatre

These fireworks are absolutely incredible, it is a combination of lasers and fireworks and it works so well together. You feel like you are in the middle of a space battle!

All in all, I am so happy I got to experience this party. I highly recommend it to anyone who is okay with spending the money on a dessert party. It really is an enjoyable way to end your day at Hollywood Studios, and is exciting for all ages!

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