What’s Your “Must Have” Disney Snack?

10.pngEveryone has their favorite. Everyone has that one snack that they absolutely need on a trip to Walt Disney World. Or, if you’re me, you might have way too many favorite “must have” snacks that make you think of “Disney” and “need to stuff my face”.

The best part about Disney is that its so much walking, that it helps justify all the eating! As in my book, there are no calories in Disney World!

As previously mentioned, the first “must” everyone usually thinks about when they think Disney snacks, is a Dole Whip. That cold, pineapple golden goodness in a cup.

14650056_10154550895017095_6546669802133599536_n (1)
Dole Whip

Now, when I go to Epcot to the World Showcase, Mexico is always on my list of countries to hit for something to eat. There’s nothing like the nachos below with both red and green salsa to dip, and an iced cold margarita on the side from “La Cantina de San Angel”. Its big enough to eat as a snack between a few people, or to completely devour on your own (and yes that is the more likely option for me!)

Nachos, Cantina de San Angel

Another personal favorite snack that always comes to mind is PRETZELS. A soft, salty pretzel in the shape of the big mouse himself. Any Mickey shaped food is a Disney Must Do. And for me, a must do again and again! Who doesn’t want a Mickey pretzel and a BB8 sippy cup full of lemonade?

Mickey Shaped Pretzel, Hollywood Studios

Everyone is going to be walking around the park looking like Henry the Eighth holding a giant turkey leg. Why not join in on this experience? A smoked turkey leg is no small task, these things are huge! Extremely juicy with that strong smokey flavor, you’ll get a great photo and a bunch of protein to help your race through the parks! I didn’t get a photo of the turkey leg itself as its quite big and greasy, which made it hard to snap a picture!

Turkey Leg stand, Magic Kingdom

As previously posted, make sure to get a Lefou’s Brew while you are in Magic Kingdom as well! Located in New Fantasyland at Gaston’s Tavern, a nice cold signature slush, made of frozen apple juice, marshmallow infusion and topped with passion fruit foam.

LeFou’s Brew

So, the next one I’m writing about is popcorn. Now I get it, you can get popcorn anywheres! But there’s something special about Disney popcorn! Its in Disney!! Perfect snack for watching a parade or the fireworks. And even better, you can jump in on the craze in buying the Disney Popcorn buckets –yes, this is a thing! If you buy the souvenir popcorn bucket you also get all refills for only $1.50 USD! So you can keep getting popcorn throughout your trip for a nice low cost snack!

Disney’s Christmas Pluto Popcorn Bucket

If you have the chance to go over to Disney’s Port Orleans: French Quarter resort, another popular must-have snack is the Beignets. The Cast Members make these to order so they are hot and fresh when you get them. The deep fried, French sensation is becoming more and more popular with guests, and comes in a pack of three (all for one snack credit!) and they have powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

Beignets at Port Orleans: French Quarter Resort

And finally, the one thing you CAN’T go wrong with? Mickey shaped premium ice cream bars! This can pretty much end up being a “must have” every day of your trip, when you get that mid-afternoon ice cream craving!

Premium Mickey Ice Cream Bar

What are your favorite “must have” Disney snacks on your trip! Let us know!

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17 thoughts on “What’s Your “Must Have” Disney Snack?

  1. I’m with you hard on virtually all of the above (Guava Pink Peppercorn marg from La Choza, you are delightful!) but for the Dole Whip. I know, I know, there’s something wrong with me! I had my first one this past Christmas and…and it was pineapple soft serve. I think I’d like a Citrus Swirl better – more of an orange fan. My favourite Disney snack are LeFou’s Brews, especially if Gaston is outside his tavern – makes them that much sweeter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll definitely have to try the Guava Pink peppercorn margarita! I actually haven’t tried that one but it sounds amazing!!! Haha I know dole whip isn’t for everyone, but definitely try the citrus swirl! Lefou’s brew I could probably drink them all day if someone wouldn’t stop me! 😂 So delicious!! But thanks I am definitely going to try that margarita now! 😍❤️


  2. So my favorite snack more like meal is at the Tangierine Cafe at Epcot. Part of the Morocco 🇲🇦. They have a 3 pita pocket 🥙 meal that comes with lamb, beef, and chickpea hummus. The sides are cilantro lime lentils and I think there was one more thing. But oh my goodness it’s only $15-$16 and I get it everytime! My husband did tell me he thought they might have replaced it with a new menu item. But I will have to check when we go back later this year!


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