I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials.

Last spring, the world of Avatar came to life with the grand opening of Pandora. The two amazing new rides had wait times of hours, and still do!

Pandora is a whole new experience that Disney has brought to life for us. The level of detail that has gone into the floating islands, the colors, and the food. The plants, and hidden features will have you with hours of exploring to do in just this section alone. Watch out as there are some plants that when encountered, may surprise you with a splash!

Valley of Mo’ara, Pandora, Animal Kingdom

As you walk though the paths in Pandora, you will hear creature-like sounds coming from the bushes. But be sure to take in all the beauty that Pandora has to offer as you make your way to either of the two new rides or the Satu’li Canteen for some really interesting food.

Valley of Mo’ara, Pandora, Animal Kingdom
Valley of Mo’ara, Pandora, Animal Kingdom
Valley of Mo’ara, Pandora, Animal Kingdom

There’s so many tiny details to look at in Pandora, and at night, the plants glow and the walk ways grow. Even if you are not a fan of Avatar, or have never seen the movie, you will enjoy this place so much for the adventure that it is.

There are two new rides added to Animal Kingdom with the new Pandora expansion: Na’vi River Journey, and Avatar Flight of Passage.

Na’vi River Journey is a boat ride (much like other similar rides at Disney), but this one is incredible beautiful. For non-thrill ride seekers this one is a must-do for the colors and beauty itself. Its a slow moving boat ride that takes you through Na’vi River in Pandora, showing you all the creatures and plants that inhabit it.

Na’vi River Boat Ride

Now, as for Avatar Flight of Passage, I’m almost speechless on how to describe it. Flight of Passage is almost indescribable, and definitely the coolest ride in all of Disney. I can see why the wait times have been so insane for this one. Definitely try to get a Fast Pass for this ride, if you have the option between Na’vi River Boat Ride (you can only pick one or the other), and Avatar Flight of Passage, you should choose Avatar Flight of Passage. You whip through Pandora on the back of a Banshee, in almost a similar ride experience to “Soarin'” in Epcot. You are positioned on the back of a Banshee as though it was a motorcycle. You can feel your banshee breathing on your legs. Ducking trees, and diving over cliffs, getting water splashed in your face and smelling all kinds of various things.  Disney spared no detail in this experience. I personally can get motion sickness and was slightly worried for this one as it is a stimulation like experience. But I was completely fine, however I did see one lady after the ride feeling quite ill, so some may choose to pass on this one just in case if you tend to have that problem.

If you are looking for refreshments in Pandora, head over to Pongu Pongu for a drink. They serve both alcoholic and non-alchoholic beverages. You can order a beer, or a specialized Pandora cocktail (or mocktail!) depending on what you are feeling like. I chose a “Mo’ara Margarita with Glowing Unadelta Seed” which was a slush like drink, mixed of tequila, strawberry and blood orange flavor, and last but not least, topped with bobba balls!

Mo’ara Margarita

This was $13.25 USD, and you can also purchase it in a souvenir mug if you like for $19.25 USD. There are other themed drinks to choose from as well such as: “Rum blossom”, or the non-alcholic, “Night Blossom,” even a Pandora themed beer (as well as other draft beers) called “Mo’ara High Country Ale.”

Don’t forget to grab a snack with it! They have “Pongu Lumpia” which is a pineapple and cream cheese spring roll, and the new addition of a COLOSSAL Pretzel (I’m a huge pretzel enthusiast and am now impatiently waiting for my next trip to devour one of these!!)

If you are looking for a meal, then head over to “Satu’li Canteen” for a very exciting meal! This restaurant is a quick service restaurant and will count as a quick service credit for those of you who are on the Disney Dining Plan. You can also use the “My Disney Experience” App and order your meal ahead online before you get there, and pick it up right away when you arrive.

I ordered the “Cheeseburger Steamed Pods”, which were so yummy and so much fun, that I actually went back a second time later in my trip and ordered it again. These pods are so much fun and a futuristic take on a cheeseburger. They are served with veggie chips and a veggie slaw and is absolutely delicious.

Steamed Cheeseburger Pods with veggie chips and veggie slaw at Satu’li Canteen

You can also order this meal as a vegetarian option, by ordering “Vegetable Steamed Curry Pods”. Their other meals are different varieties of bowls, such as Slow Roasted Sliced Grilled Beef bowl, Chopped Wood Grilled Chicken bowl, Sustainable Fish bowl, Combination of beef and chicken bowl and a vegetarian Chili Spiced Crispy Fried Tofu bowl, there are also kids meals versions of these bowls as well (with the exception of the combo bowl). Other kids meals are the cheeseburger pods, a “Teylu” all beef hot dog or a cheese quesadilla.

One thing I highly recommend to order is the dessert. One specifically: the Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse. This mousse is delicious (and it counts as a snack credit if you participate in the Disney Dining Plan!) and it just looks so interesting!

Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse at Satu’li Canteen

In conclusion, the next time you plan your day in Animal Kingdom, make sure to add Pandora to your list. It really is a new kind of adventure and extremely exciting. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy themselves here. You can even bring home a Banshee of your own!

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