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Just to warn you, this post is going to be a lengthy one. For this post I am going to highlight Supper at Be Our Guest, and there will be a separate post for breakfast.

When you walk into the castle for the first time, you’ll be in awe. The child in you will come alive as you walk into the Beast’s castle, and into the ball room.

This is a restaurant that you definitely should book in advance. It fills up fast considering how big of a restaurant it is. Reservations open up 180 days in advance, and usually are booked extremely fast. If you aren’t able to get a reservation, don’t panic. So many people cancel their plans, so check back every day, try to be flexible with your times and it usually works out. I have dined four times at Be Our Guest (two breakfasts, two dinners) and all four times ended up being reserved late because I kept checking back and someone cancelled.

The Beast’s Castle

When you first enter Be Our Guest, you will be mesmerized by the beauty and elegance of the Beast’s Castle.  The giant golden chandeliers on the mural painted ceiling, — right out of the movie, it sounds cliché, but if you are a Disney fan, it truly is breathtaking.

Chandeliers at Be Our Guest

The ballroom is even decorated at Christmas time, making it even more cozy.

Grand Ballroom at Be Our Guest decorated at Christmas
Christmas Tree in the Grand Ballroom

Notice the window panes. The windows are animated to show a soft snowfall outside of the castle. Disney spares no detail in this dining experience, reflecting the movie in every possible way.

The Grand Ballroom isn’t the only place to dine. There are two other rooms as well: The West Wing and the Library.

The West Wing is an amazing experience as well. The Beast’s private area, complete with none other but the magical rose itself, glowing in the corner.

The Rose, Be Our Guest

Tattered materials hang from the ceiling. The Beast’s slashed portrait hangs at the back of the room, and every so often there will be a clap of thunder and the portrait will change from his Prince form to his Beast form.


The library is also open to dine in, and has a statue of Beast and Belle dancing in the center of the room.

The Library, Be Our Guest

While you are dining, every 30 minutes the Beast makes an appearance to make sure his guests are enjoying themselves! He won’t be able to take photos at this time, but don’t worry, for those of you that are eating supper in the Beast’s castle, you can pose for a photo with him on your way out!

Now, the food. First off, I want to make sure I add that in summer 2018 the menu will completely change. At this time, Be Our Guest is a one Table Service credit restaurant for those of you that have the Disney Dining Plan. In summer 2018, this will change to a two Table Service credit experience as the menu will become a three course meal, and reflect more its french fancy theme.

The dinner at Be Our Guest is already delicious as a one Table Service credit, so I can’t even imagine how great it will be once it turns to a two credit dining experience.

My last dinner here, I ordered the “Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops”, which was a creamy pasta dish with lobster, vegetables and mushrooms well.

Sautéed Shrimp & Scallops at Be Our Guest

Another dish our party ordered was the Roasted Lamb, which was also delicious and extremely tender:

Roasted Lamb, at Be Our Guest

At the end of your meal, a Cast Member will roll over a trolley full of dessert choices. Now, when it comes to “Be Our Guest” I always get the same thing. This is because if I’m in the Beast’s castle, I’m going to eat “the Grey Stuff”, because it really is delicious!

“The Grey Stuff” at Be Our Guest

“The Grey Stuff” is served on top of a brownie. If you aren’t feeling like listening to your childhood, you can also choose something else. The trolley also comes with a variety of cupcakes and puffs.

Dessert Trolley at Be Our Guest

Don’t forget, on your way out there is a photo opt with the Beast. You can take your own pictures, and there is a Disney Photopass photographer there to take professional photos as well to scan to your magic bands (and if you have a Memory Maker, then right on to your Memory Maker). You can even take a selfie with the Beast, don’t be shy!

Selfie with Beast (its Halloween make up!)

Bon Appetite!

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13 thoughts on “Be Our Guest – Dinner

  1. Aw, I loved this post, because I love eating at Be Our Guest! Although my husband is actually the one who LOVES the place, but he’s a huge Beauty and the Beast nerd. We had Christmas Day dinner there at, like, 10 pm – wasn’t hard getting the reservation, even though I only made it maybe two weeks in advance. And I didn’t know that the Beast was going to be there, so that was an amazing surprise. 🙂 Team West Wing over here, it’s the only place to dine (although up against the windows as the snow falls is pretty dope, too.) Not sure how I feel about the move to a two credit signature restaurant, as I don’t get that luxury vibe off the place. It feels more like an impeccably themed and appointed cafeteria. Maybe that’s just because I’ve been there at breakfast, too, when you’re grabbing your own cutlery and drinks from the stations and dodging kids running about, but it doesn’t feel like Le Cellier, for example, or one of the other two credit restaurants. Eh, ain’t gonna stop me (or probably you) from eating there! Gotta try it once, right?

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    1. Wow!!! On Christmas Day! I imagine that was really amazing! ❤️❤️❤️ and yes the quick service breakfast is by far best value for your credit that’s for sure, we have taken advantage of that twice ☺️ ! I’m really excited to try the new menu but I’m sad it’s going to be two table service credits now! But we shall see how it is! 😀 thank you for your comment! I love hearing others perspectives and experiences! ❤️


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