Church Brewing Company in Wolfville, NS

There’s so many unique places to visit in Nova Scotia – one of them being the Church Brewing Company on Main Street in Wolfville.

About the Church Brewing Company:

The Church Brewing Company is located at 329 Main Street in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and is an old, beautiful church building renovated into this great restaurant and brewery. This is such a great way to keep these gorgeous old churches viewable to the public – and they did such a great job keeping up with the theming as well!

This location is a jack of all trades: it is a restaurant (with INCREDIBLE food!) that support local farms, a brewery, and a place that hosts concerts as well. It’s a gem in Wolfville that you have to be sure to check out on your next visit to Annapolis Valley – it will not disappoint.


The Church Brewing Company did a remarkable job at maintaining the beauty of this old church and converting it to fit their needs. The structure itself is gorgeous, with the high arched ceilings, chandeliers and picture windows.

Inside the Church

Every detail matters – they even kept the hymn section to serve as a menu.

We actually sat outside because it was such a gorgeous day, and their stone patio is also incredible, full of flowers, arbors, stone and twinkle lights wrapped around their trees.

The Patio at the Church Brewing Company

Craft Beer

If you stop at the Church Brewing Company, you definitely need to try out their craft beer (it is a brewing company after all!) they have some really fun flavours and themed names. I’m not a huge beer drinker myself (but Greg sure is!) but even I had a lot of fun trying the different beers and I loved the one I picked for myself (Saltwater Joys – a sour beer!)

We really loved the incorporated theming here – most of the beer names go with the Church theme or the Maritimer theme. I ordered a full size beer, as did my cousin, and Greg ordered a flight that we could all try (my mom was our driver so she had a brewed iced tea!)

The Beer flight was a really fun theme, and they wrote the number associated with each beer (which we thought was a super great touch as we always mix up our flights and can’t tell what’s what! So props for creativity!

Greg ordered the beer flight (which is $10.44 and includes 4 beers to try, whichever you choose). He chose:

  • Married to the Sea: 5.5%, a German Porter – flavours of coffee, hazelnut and milk chocolate
  • Sanctuary: 8.8%, Enkel – flavours of lemongrass, light & effervescent
  • Eight Bells: 5.2%, a Belgo pale ale – flavours of grapefruit, floral and “subtule” spice
  • Illuminate: 5.0%, a Kviek pale ale – flavours of mango, hazy & juicy.

My cousin and I ordered:

  • Saltwater Joys: 4.4%, a Gose-kettle sour – flavours of citrus, hint of sea salt and tart
  • Depeach Mode: 3.3%, a peach enkel – flavours of peach, candied and effervescent

Our beers were so much fun, and actually really good! The theming was fantastic.

Our Beer and Flights


We can’t say enough good things about the food here! In Greg’s words “this is one of his new favourite places in the Maritimes!”, we went with my mom and cousin, so we had ordered four meals – and got to sample a bit of each! The food here is all local and is so incredible.

We ordered:

  • Jerk Cauliflower Tacos – $15: I myself went for the vegetarian meal this time (I’m not a vegetarian myself but I still love incorporating some vegetarian options when I can to try!) let me tell you – these tacos were PHENOMENAL! They were three tempura cauliflower tacos (on a soft tortilla) that came with jerk seasoning, feta, cilantro, sweet chili mayonnaise and slaw. Absolutely incredible!
  • Korean Pork Tacos – $16: My cousin opted for the pork tacos (also delicious!) also served in a soft tortilla with slaw and Korean style barbecue pork with spiced mayonnaise, cilantro and lime.
  • The Ark Burger – $20: So this time around, Greg actually went for the opposite of vegetarian and ordered the Ark Burger. This burger has three different types of meat on it and is HUGE! This is a beef burger patty, combined with porter barbecue smothered chicken, topped with double smoked bacon, both Swiss and cheddar cheese, lettuce, bang bang sauce (don’t forget the pickle!) on a fresh brioche bun. Greg called it an “American meal” in Canada so he was extremely please- and it was quite the dish!
  • Holy Roller Burger – $16: My mom chose a beef burger as well, but hers was topped with a marinated medley of mushrooms, local valley bacon, crispy onions, Swiss cheese and a herb mayonnaise on a fresh brioche bun.

All four of these meals were spectacular. We would get any of them again, and they were all supporting local valley farms (especially important this year more than ever to support local!)

With each of these dishes, you had the option of a side of your choosing: fries, quinoa salad, soup or Caesar salad – or for an extra cost of $4 you could have a bowl of chowder, or a poutine (just to add that little bit of Maritimer and Canadian to your meal!)


This was such a spectacular spot to spend our afternoon. A really fun theme to experience in Wolfville, great craft beer and incredible, locally sourced food! The service here was fantastic, and the restaurant had great COVID protocols in place as required by the province of Nova Scotia.

If you happen to plan a trip to Wolfville, make sure to stop here. It’s right on Main Street, easy to find, and such a fun and unique place to check out.

For more information on the Church Brewing Company, check out their website:

Check out our YouTube Channel!

To see more of this beautiful church, the delicious meals, and all of the fun we had, make sure to check out our YouTube Vlog below. In this video, we also check out a second location: the Annapolis Cider Company. Another super fun themed place to stop and enjoy a flight of local ciders!

Let us know in the comments below where you think we should visit next in the Atlantic Bubble!


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24 thoughts on “Church Brewing Company in Wolfville, NS

  1. This place looks cool and the building got a good history to tell. The same goes for some old churches here in Victoria which are now turned into commercial space, because the church organization can’t afford the rent, and moved to cheaper locations.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So sad when they have to move because they can’t afford it! But I’m so glad this one we are still able to enjoy somehow. Such beautiful buildings. Thanks so much for reading! πŸ’œ


  2. just wandering why the church gave up their p;ace worship….any way its a very distinct for a church transformed to a can be a plus factor for visitors how did it happen…i hope ican try their beer someday

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d be interested to know too! I did read that two congregations joined together at one point to keep attendance up. I know a lot of churches around here end up not being able to afford it with smaller congregations now. At least we still get to appreciate the beautiful church somehow. Thank you so much for reading!!


  3. Wow that food looks so good! I am not a beer drinker myself, but my dad is and loves visiting breweries. I’ve found breweries tend to have great food. I also love how they worked with the layout of the old church. Very creative!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love how they transformed this church and the rich history behind it, it seems like a cool place that you can go and have a drink and relax, and you always take really good pics !

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I cannot believe I got Wolfville so wrong. I found the local student bar (the Anvil), the War Memorial and the Fire Station. They even had a cider plant and I am a big cider man. I am oging to put it down to jet-lag and try not to beat myself up too much about missing all this fun.


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