Craft Beer Cruise on the Tall Ship Silva

The beautiful Tall Ship Silva is in the Halifax Harbour, and has a special place in our heart. Greg and I are planning to get married on this beautiful ship. We had postponed originally to May 2021 (from May 2020) but are now going to wait to see if things are a bit better and safer in September. Our fingers are crossed and hopefully we can tie the knot soon on this beautiful ship.

The Tall Ship Silva offers craft beer cruises in the summer time (along with dinner cruises, wine tastings, harbour cruises, etc.) last summer, we were lucky enough to be able to go on their craft beer cruise featuring local Nova Scotia Breweries: Salt Box Brewing Company and The New Scotland Brewing Company. These are popular sailings so if you are interested make sure to go to to book as they have limited capacity due to COVID guidelines and sell out fast.

Tall Ship Silva


You do not have to be a big beer drinker (or a beer drinker at all) to love this experience. I’m not a huge beer drinker, and I would do this experience all over again I loved it so much.

The sail is around the Halifax Harbour and Northwest Arm (and you can see some pretty spectacular houses on the water!). Enjoy the spectacular views on the water and even enjoy the sunset. The cruise is two and a half hours long. Make sure to bring a light sweater as once you are out in the open water it can get a bit chilly. But sit back; relax, listen to Maritime music, sip on your beer and enjoy the sail.

The Beer

I’m not a huge beer drinker myself, but Greg is! He loved the beers and there was a few tasting options I really did love!

The beer was offered by Saltbox Brewing Company and the New Scotland Brewing Company. Two local Nova Scotian breweries that would also explain the beers so you knew what you were tasting. It was a really fun experience to have all different varieties of beer to try.

Our craft beer samples

The Snacks

Don’t forget the snacks! You also each get a box full of local snacks. I called it “charcuterie in a box”. It included local sausages, cheeses, mustard and a big soft pretzel. It was great to have these nibbles in between our sips since the cruise was a couple of hours.

The Snack Box

COVID Regulations

The Tall Ship Silva was following all provincial COVID regulations and guidelines. Please still do what makes you feel safe. The cruise is outside, but you have your own table per party that is spaced six feet away from others on the ship. You did not need to wear a mask while seated in your area, only if you got up to go to the washrooms.


We had an absolutely amazing cruise on the Tall Ship Silva craft beer cruise. The entire experience on the Silva was amazing and we wouldn’t hesitate to sail again!

We are planning on getting married on this beautiful ship and hoping to do so this coming September if things are a bit safer. We can’t wait to get married and have the best day of our lives aboard this beautiful vessel. What could be a better wedding venue for “Maritime Meg & her Sidekick Greg” than on board a tall ship in the Halifax Harbour?

Check Out Our Full Video on YouTube of our Time on the Ship Silva!


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11 thoughts on “Craft Beer Cruise on the Tall Ship Silva

  1. It looks like you had such a good time there and I think it’s amazing! I’d like one day to try something similar, it has to been a good experience. Thanks for sharing. – Paolo


  2. Looks like a fun cruise! I hope to finally visit the east coast once COVID-19 travel restrictions loosen. Will definitely look into this if/when I make it to Halifax. Thanks for sharing. And fingers crossed your wedding does not get postponed again!

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  3. You had me on boat and beer, ha! This looms absolutely spectacular! Saving for a future adventure, thanks for sharing


  4. Oh wow, this sounds super fun. Sipping beers with those snacks out of the box while enjoying spectacular views of the sea, the sunset, this is definitely is so my thing. We also have cruises on our part of the town, just need to add the beer experience there 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I am not exactly sure how I missed this as we spent a few days round Halifax / Dartmouth so I can only surmise they did not operate back then as I can sniff out beer at 600 paces through concrete!

    Liked by 2 people

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