Who doesn’t love food? Greg and I are definitely food obsessed. Maybe a little too much! We are always looking to try new restaurants and make fun dishes together. 

I’m extremely lucky in our relationship, I found a man that can cook! I’m pretty sure he can even cook better than I can! Together, we’ve made some pretty delicious meals and desserts and we can’t wait to share these with you. 

On this page, we’ll also share all of the delicious places that we eat at throughout the maritimes, or while on vacation. 

We hope to make your tastebuds tingle with some of the content that we provide! Please let us know if you have any delicious dishes, or great restaurants that you would like us to feature!

Dinner at Antojo’s Tacos & Tequila

If you are a big fan of Mexican food, and happen to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia, then Antojo’s is the place for you! Greg and I are always looking for the perfect place for Mexican Cuisine and we most certainly found it. Location: 1667 Argyle Street, Halifax Nova Scotia Ambience: The ambience in Antojo’s…

Post-Quarantine Date Day in Moncton

With a pandemic still going on, this is the year for staycations. Taking advantage of appreciating your local area and all of the great things to do there. In Moncton, there are lots of great ways to spend your day. But our first choice, was to spend a day at Magnetic Hill Wharf, then spend…

Rossano’s Italian Grill

Moncton has lots of great restaurants to try, and the locals always recommend a favourite: Rossano’s Italian Grill. Rossano’s is known for their barbecue chicken nachos, and their pasta dishes, as well as their glasses of wine for $3.95! If you are looking for a nice, budget friendly evening out, then Rossano’s is a good…

Church Brewing Company in Wolfville, NS

There’s so many unique places to visit in Nova Scotia – one of them being the Church Brewing Company on Main Street in Wolfville. About the Church Brewing Company: The Church Brewing Company is located at 329 Main Street in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and is an old, beautiful church building renovated into this great restaurant…

Check out the gallery below for the fun things Greg & I have cooked or baked together at home

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