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When I had a dream to create my own blog, I could never put my finger on just what it should be about. Greg encouraged me to better fit the blog to our lives, (I always wanted to be a Disney World blogger, but let’s face it – I live no where near Disney!) So instead, why not create something that I can keep up on my own without feeling frustrated? Why not, explore our own backyard.

Greg is from the United States, he moved here in 2017 to be with me and he is constantly wanted to try new experiences here in the Maritimes (or as he calls himself – a “merry-timer”). Some days, I almost think that he is more of a Maritimer than I am!

Join us on our fun adventures as we explore different places throughout the Maritimes and on our vacations. We will take you to all of the fun places we can in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and hopefully Prince Edward Island! If there are any locations or restaurants that you would like to see featured, please send us a note on the “Contact Us!” page. We always want to hear your suggestions and see new places!

Latest Exploration Posts:

Church Brewing Company in Wolfville, NS

There’s so many unique places to visit in Nova Scotia – one of them being the Church Brewing Company on Main Street in Wolfville. About the Church Brewing Company: The Church Brewing Company is located at 329 Main Street in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and is an old, beautiful church building renovated into this great restaurant…

Visiting the Fortress of Louisbourg

There is a gem of a location to check out in Cape Breton, only about 30 minutes outside of the city of Sydney. It’s a place you don’t want to miss, and is an incredible sight to see: The Fortress of Louisbourg. Introduction The Fortress of Louisbourg is full of history, and is a National…

The Cabot Trail

Looking for the perfect fall getaway in the Maritimes? Well make sure to check out the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Especially in October when the leaves are starting to change, but honestly with it’s huge cliffs and beautiful coast, it’s probably just as gorgeous any time of the year. The Cabot Trail…

Magnetic Hill Winery

This weekend, Greg surprised me and booked us a reservation for the “Tasting Experience” at Magnetic Hill Winery in Moncton, New Brunswick. He booked the tasting online on their website ahead of time, where you can select which time you like, what types of wine you would like to try and make your payment. Experience…

Sunflower Festival in Salisbury, NB

Every year at the end of August, the Green Pig Country Market in Salisbury, New Brunswick hosts the “Sunflower Festival”. This year, Greg and I decided to check it out and see what it is all about – and we were not disappointed! The Sunflower Festival Admission to the festival is $12 per person, and…

Victoria by the Sea, PEI

Victoria by the Sea fits the “Maritimes” description perfectly, a small fishing village right on the ocean, with lovely little touristy shops to check out and the Lobster Barn – the home of the most delicious lobster rolls that I’ve ever had! Victoria is on the south shore of Prince Edward Island and is only…

Post-Quarantine Date Day in Moncton

With a pandemic still going on, this is the year for staycations. Taking advantage of appreciating your local area and all of the great things to do there. In Moncton, there are lots of great ways to spend your day. But our first choice, was to spend a day at Magnetic Hill Wharf, then spend…

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