Epcot Food & Wine Festival

It may be time for the Flower & Garden Festival, but I’m always looking forward to the Food & Wine Festival! There’s nothing quite like drinking and eating your way around the world, but its even BETTER in the fall when you have so many more delicious options. Now I warn you, this will probablyContinue reading “Epcot Food & Wine Festival”


I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials. Last spring, the world of Avatar came to life with the grand opening of Pandora. The two amazing new rides had wait times of hours, and still do! Pandora is a whole new experience that Disney has brought to life for us. The level of detail that has goneContinue reading “PANDORA”

Memory Maker? Or No Memory Maker?

  A question most planners ask themselves at some point during their vacation planning. The memory maker is definitely a more expensive addition to your vacation, and a lot of people choose to pass on this as you can simply take your own photos. This is true, if you are someone (unlike me!) who hasContinue reading “Memory Maker? Or No Memory Maker?”

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort

My favorite resort so far! Port Orleans Riverside was perfect. Transportation made easy, amazing rooms, and beautiful grounds! Home of Princess Tiana herself, enjoy the southern charm of POR Resort and unwind after a crazy day at the parks! There’s always an ongoing debate about staying onsite or offsite. But for me personally, I preferContinue reading “Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort”

What’s Your “Must Have” Disney Snack?

Everyone has their favorite. Everyone has that one snack that they absolutely need on a trip to Walt Disney World. Or, if you’re me, you might have way too many favorite “must have” snacks that make you think of “Disney” and “need to stuff my face”. The best part about Disney is that its soContinue reading “What’s Your “Must Have” Disney Snack?”

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Yes, I am an adult now and I went to dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table. And you know what? I wasn’t the only table there that were adults only!!! Truly, one of my highlights of all Disney trips. The excitement to dine in the actual castle (yes the restaurant is inside the castle!), and haveContinue reading “Cinderella’s Royal Table”

Gaston’s Tavern

All I can say is: Lefou’s Brew. You need this. In the New Fantasy Land in Magic Kingdom, don’t forget to stop at Gaston’s Tavern, to get a Lefou’s brew, and maybe a giant cinnamon roll! (which you can now get extra frosting for!) In New Fantasyland, all of a sudden you feel like youContinue reading “Gaston’s Tavern”

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen

Phew. Big name for a restaurant, I’m already out of breath. But get ready, because you’re in for a wild adventure! The newest restaurant addition to Magic Kingdom. This was one that when I glanced at the menu ahead of time, and I must say, I was a little nervous about! The menu seemed reallyContinue reading “Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen”

Coral Reef Restaurant

Location: Epcot Welcome to a very unique experience, which is eating seafood while watching seafood. You may see a lot of mixed reviews on Coral Reef restaurant, however in my own personal experience, everything was delicious and it was so much fun to eat while watching the aquarium. As we dined we had the luxuryContinue reading “Coral Reef Restaurant”

Frozen Ever After

Parents Rejoice, it’s your favorite! The newest ride of Epcot, based on the massive worldwide phenomena Frozen. This ride was released in the World Showcase in Epcot in 2016, and still has lengthy wait times, so if you plan on this ride being a “must-do” for your trip, I would recommend to try to getContinue reading “Frozen Ever After”