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Maritime Meg & her Sidekick Greg

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Four Beautiful Wineries in Annapolis Valley

Join us on our latest adventure to four beautiful wineries in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. We enjoy pizza and wine flights at Lightfoot & Wolfville, a flight at Grand Pre Winery, amazing French fries and wine at Luckett Vineyard, and a delightful flight and a wine vending machine in a vineyard at Benjamin Bridge. Greg even provides a tutorial on how to “taste wine!”… or his version of it!

About Our Adventures:

I’m a Canadian and a Maritimer born and raised, and Greg is an American (from Ohio) living here in the Maritimes with me and our two dogs now. When Greg moved to Canada to live with me, he wanted to see as much as he could in the Maritimes. We started our adventures throughout the Maritimes together so that he could see all of the great sights and fun that we have to offer here. I always wanted to be a Vlogger/Blogger so I figured, why not start and take the leap and appreciate the things that we have in our own backyard this year?

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Fun Places for Beer & Cider Flights in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Join us on our adventure to Wolfville, Nova Scotia where we check out some local gems of “The Church Brewing Company” and “Annapolis Cider Company”. Both locations are so much fun and super unique. Have you ever had beer in a church before?

Fortress of Louisbourg in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Join us on our adventure to the Fortress of Louisbourg in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, only 30 minutes outside of Sydney! We are adventuring back to the year 1744 and learning all about this incredible (and beautiful) Fortress that the French occupied in Nova Scotia.

Exploring the Cabot Trail

Join us on our adventure to the beautiful and picturesque Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It’s the perfect time of year for the fall colours and our fall picnic by the ocean! Stay tuned for Greg’s “outhouse tour” and for his fun bloopers at the end – you don’t want to miss them!

Wine Tasting at Magnetic Hill Winery

Come spend an after noon with us at the Magnetic Hill Winery in Moncton, New Brunswick! We sample all kinds of different wines and show you the beautiful property!

Prince Edward Island Staycation

Our first video in PEI, Canada! Join us on our day trip on the ferry to PEI from Nova Scotia, fun at Cows Creamery, the best lobster rolls ever in Victoria by the Sea and lots more fun!

Stepping Back in Time: King’s Landing

Take a step back in time with us to the 1800s as we learn what life was like in New Brunswick in the past! Check out the amazing costumes, acting and all the fun stuff we learned on our fun adventure to King’s Landing, just a few minutes outside of Fredericton, New Brunswick!

Sunflower Festival in Salisbury

Take a look at these incredible sunflower fields in Salisbury, New Brunswick! We get to enjoy the beautiful fields, pick our own flowers and then watch as we get lost in a giant corn maze!

Halifax Staycation

With COVID this year, we decided to get away for a couple days to our favourite city: Halifax, Nova Scotia! Join us as we have some incredible meals, and I try oysters for the first time! Check out the beautiful boardwalk in downtown Halifax and as Greg cries on camera eating extra spicy tacos!

Halifax Waterfront Wedding Planning

Join us on the Halifax waterfront as we plan our wedding again! Our wedding was originally planned at a different location for May 2020, and then September 2020… and now we are starting from scratch completely and planning our wedding in Halifax for (hopefully) May 2021. Our ceremony will take place on the Tall Ship Silva, followed by a reception at the Lower Deck. You can’t get more “Maritimer” than that!

Doggy Beach Day

Meet Molson & Brover, our two incredible fur babies who our world revolves around! We love these boys so much and made this vlog to take you on our beach day. We start the day off with a picnic at Centennial Park, followed by a fun beach day in Cape Pele, New Brunswick. This is only our second vlog ever, so the quality may be a bit less on the editing side – but the cute doggies are still worth promoting it!

First Post Quarantine Date Day

I’ve always wanted to be a Vlogger, and after quarantine I decided I was finally going to jump on this and start this hobby. Below is my first vlog ever, so it’s not as good of quality because I was just learning (and still am) but I’m still proud of it because it’s the day I chose to take the jump and follow my dream! Join us below on wonderful summer picnic and walk around the Magnetic Hill Wharf, followed by a fun day at the Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton, New Brunswick and a delightful supper at Gusto’s. Our first date after quarantine!

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