Coral Reef Restaurant


Location: Epcot

Welcome to a very unique experience, which is eating seafood while watching seafood. You may see a lot of mixed reviews on Coral Reef restaurant, however in my own personal experience, everything was delicious and it was so much fun to eat while watching the aquarium.


As we dined we had the luxury of watching a group of people scuba diving through all the sea creatures.

Scuba Diver at Coral Reef, Epcot

It is a very cozy setting with dim lighting so you can see all of the sea creatures. The aquarium is located to the side of “the Seas with Nemo and Friends.” This restaurant is only one table service dining credit if you are using the Disney Dining Plan, if not, the prices of main dishes varies from $24.00 USD to $35.00 USD.


Personally, I felt a little odd eating seafood while watching all the fish swim around, so I opted to have the New York Strip steak instead — and it was delicious!

New York Strip Steak at Coral Reef

If you feel the same way, or just aren’t a fan of seafood, they also serve short ribs, pork tenderloin and a chicken breast dishes, so there is something for everyone! There are also kid-friendly options which include a fish dish, fish and chips, mac & cheese, chicken drumstick, pasta or a steak for kids! So lots of things to choose from in case you may have a picky eater in your party.

At the time we were there, one member of my party ordered a seafood pasta dish, complete with scallops and mussels. This doesn’t currently appear on the menu, but who knows, it may someday come back! It was also delicious as I got to have a taste.

Seafood Pasta Dish at Coral Reef Restaurant

Now I absolutely loved my dessert: “Turtle Cheesecake”.

Turle Cheesecake at Coral Reef

We also had ordered “The Chocolate Wave:

The Chocolate Wave at Coral Reef

All in all, this is a really great experience. There are mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed this one. It was a lot of fun watching the aquarium and I found the food and dessert delicious. Also, fun fact: this is the restaurant from the Disney World episodes of “Full House” that Danny Tanner was trying to propose to his girlfriend in. They sat right up next to the aquarium.

Sea Turtle at the Coral Reef Aquarium

Make sure to check it out! Its a nice option for a table service restaurant that only requires one credit. How many times do you get to eat in an aquarium?

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