Rossano’s Italian Grill

Moncton has lots of great restaurants to try, and the locals always recommend a favourite: Rossano’s Italian Grill. Rossano’s is known for their barbecue chicken nachos, and their pasta dishes, as well as their glasses of wine for $3.95!

If you are looking for a nice, budget friendly evening out, then Rossano’s is a good choice. For $59 (tax included), Greg and I were able to each have an alcoholic beverage (he had a beer and I had a glass of chardonnay), an appetizer, and two entrees. Usually ordering two drinks, an appetizer and our entrees can come to a hefty price at other restaurants. So we felt that we were leaving full, and had ordered plenty for the price of $59.

Service was prompt and friendly, all of the booths and seating had barriers to distance your party from any others. So much like other locations, Rossano’s had implemented a great social distancing process for now.

We started out by ordering our drinks, and the server brought us fresh bread with a dip and butter on the side.

Then our appetizer came out, our “Goat Fingers”, which were pizza dough with goat cheese (although it really wasn’t strong if you are worried about goat cheese!) and some mozzarella. These were really good, I loved the pizza dough. They were basically garlic fingers made with goat cheese instead – and we ordered a small size for $8.95, and that meant we each got 4 pieces.

For our entrees, I had ordered a pasta dish off of their summer menu. It was a braised beef and mushroom pasta, it was creamy and delicious. You are able to order your pasta in either small ($16.95) or regular size ($21.95), I had asked the waitress about the portion sizes and decided to order a small size. I was so happy that I did, not only was it an even more budget friendly option, but it really was a great sized portion!

Greg ordered a pizza and pasta combination plate which is a 7 inch portion of their Works pizza (pepperoni, sausage, onion, bacon, green pepper and mozzarella) along with a portion of their spaghetti. His entree was $18.55 and you can choose which ever combo option you like.

We left full, and enjoyed our meal. There are two Rossano’s locations in Great Moncton, one off Mountain Road, and the other by the Champlain Mall. It was a lovely evening out and a budget friendly meal where we definitely didn’t leave hungry.

Ps – the locals all say to order the barbecue chicken nachos!

Please see below their regular menu :

Let us know in the comments your favourite dish, or the next place that we should check out!


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