Memory Maker? Or No Memory Maker?



A question most planners ask themselves at some point during their vacation planning. The memory maker is definitely a more expensive addition to your vacation, and a lot of people choose to pass on this as you can simply take your own photos.

This is true, if you are someone (unlike me!) who has a professional camera, or high end camera, your pictures are going to look a lot better than my cell phone pictures (that as you can see from my posts, aren’t always on their A-game).

Here is an example of a Memory Maker photo, first of all, I’m posting a bunch of photos of myself to demonstrate the quality of these photos, as I’m trying to stick to my own photos and not including those of members of my travel party.

Memory Maker photo with Elsa

The quality of the photos are fantastic, and they take all kinds of them and the Disney Photo Pass Photographer will scan the photos to your Magic Band, where they will be waiting for you on your My Disney Experience account.

One nice thing as well with the Memory Maker, is that you’ll ride photos (and even some videos like on Tower of Terror!) automatically loaded on your Memory Maker without having to do a thing, other than go on the ride!

Your photos don’t have to be on rides, or with characters either! There are Disney Photo Pass Cast Members all over the parks! They can take your picture in all different places, one of my personal favorite places for a photo is in the World Showcase in Epcot.

Germany Pavillion, Epcot World Showcase

You can also get animated shots, some will have actual motion cartoons on them, and others can simply to be to add borders to your photos! Such as for a specific event, they have Halloween ones, Christmas, and many others! The animated shots are a lot of fun, and usually include Disney characters such as Tinkerbell, Lumiere, Sven and many more!

A lot of the Photo Pass Cast Members will even get you to strike a pose! The one below they had me do a fishy face since I was Dory at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Memory Maker photo in front of Cinderella’s Castle

To me, I purchased the Memory Maker on two trips but not every trip, as its currently at a price of $169.00 USD for advance purchase and $199.00 USD if you need to start using it immediately. I decided I didn’t need it every single trip, but I got it for two and absolutely loved it while I had it. I hit every Photo Pass Photographer with my travel party that we saw to get the most value for our money, and on one trip came home with a couple hundred photos (as they take a few each time!)

For those of us who aren’t great photographers this is a great way to have quality photos, with you in the picture as well! If photography is your thing, this probably won’t be the option for you as you can take the same, if not better photographs with your own camera. The only thing you would miss is the ride photos and magic shots!

Thanks to the Memory Maker, I have some really nice family photos now. I am really happy with my purchase during the two occasions, and I do plan on getting this for my next trip as well!

Do you get the Memory Maker or plan on doing so? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Memory Maker? Or No Memory Maker?

  1. Before I was an annual pass holder I always bought the memory maker! I just like the fact its one less thing to carry and I have my phone for any extra photos! Great article!

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  2. Even as a photographer with a fair amount of experience, I love the memory maker because others there are no pictures of me. I still lug around the camera and equipment, but I also stop and getting PhotoPass photos whenever there is an opportunity. Well worth the money in my opinion.

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    1. Wow thank you! It’s great to hear a comment from a photographer and your thoughts! I definitely agree though it is great to have everyone in the photo!

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  3. I’ve been buying Memory Maker since it was early early early Photo Pass. Going to Princess Half Marathon weekend in Feb 2019 and already bought Memory Maker in March this year. I would never travel to Disney without buying one!

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