Maple Sugar Bush Farm

It’s that time of year in Canada! Maple season. What could possibly be more Canadian than visiting a Maple Sugar Bush farm?

Elmhurst Outdoors

Elmhurst Outdoors

We visited the Maple farm at Elmhurst Outdoors in New Brunswick.

They are currently offering tours through their maple sugar Bush farm, sugar on the snow (a Canadian maple tradition) along with a pancake breakfast for an admission fee of $25.

Elmhurst Outdoors

We recommend you book a time slot on their website ahead of time as they have limited capacity due to COVID restrictions. Every Tuesday, tickets open up online at for the slots on the following weekends.

Bucket collecting sap

Interpretive Tour

Our time slot was at 10 am, so our tour began promptly at ten. Masks were recommended even though we were outdoors, due to being in close proximity with other guests. But where it’s still chilly here in Canada, it’s much more comfortable to wear one outdoors.

Tapped Tree (practice tree, not maple)

The tour was 45 minutes long and was extremely informative! We learned about the history of maple farms, starting with how the Native Americans and pioneers used to create sugar.

Interpretive Tour at Elmhurst Outdoors

The tour also shows us all of the different ways they have tapped trees, and how they now tap trees with either an electric drill or through tubes tapped into the trees. We wrapped up the tour in the evaporator room, where they evaporate water from the the sugar to create what we know as syrup!

Evaporator Room

Sugar on the Snow

After the tour we were able to have our “sugar on the snow” except in a more COVID friendly way than usual. Before the pandemic, they would pour hot syrup out over the snow and roll it up on a popsicle stick for you to eat. But luckily we can still enjoy this maple tradition, just in a more COVID friendly way.

We each received an individual serving of “snow” in a cup with hot maple sugar poured over it with a stick for us to still enjoy. And it was just as delicious as always!

Individual portion of “sugar on the snow”

Pancake Breakfast

One hour after our tour we went back to the lodge for our pancake breakfast that was included with our admission. We received two pancakes, maple syrup, one degenhardt sausage, Gig’s baked beans and either tea, coffee or apple juice. You can purchase extra if you wish.

Breakfast was hot and delicious and extremely fast!

Pancake Breakfast at Elmhurst Outdoors

COVID Regulations

As everywhere else, Elmhurst Outdoors is following provincial COVID guidelines. During the tour they requested we wear masks, due to being close to other guests.

In the evaporator room we were split up into small groups so that we were only with our provincial “COVID bubbles”. They also had the room all sectioned out for COVID.

Inside the lodge, all tables were separated and even had barriers between a guests.

Overall, we felt very safe the whole time. Most of the tour was outside, but remember to do what makes you comfortable and remember to always follow the guidelines as these are what allows these great businesses to remain open.


We had an absolutely lovely time at Elmhurst Outdoors and would not hesitate to go back! They were extremely friendly, and the tour was really interesting and a lot of fun!

Elmhurst Outdoors also offers rentals for snowshoeing and cross country skiing if you are looking for other fun winter activities!

Check out their website for more details.

Let us know in the comments below where we should check out next!

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23 thoughts on “Maple Sugar Bush Farm

  1. A truly enchanting place to discover and experience, I don’t understand just why wearing the mask outside when there would be all the need to enjoy the clean and uncontaminated air of such a magical place!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It looks like you had such a good time. Be safe! I’d like to discover it too when we can travel again. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂 – Paolo


  3. the place looks very interesting and super curious! I am always interested in the way they make our day to day products


  4. That is such a fun experience and to actually be there and see how maple sugar are made. I definitely love maple syrup for my pancakes 😁


  5. If travel was possible, I would so love to visit right now! I love maple syrup – and would enjoy to visit the ‘motherland’ 😉


  6. This looks like a fun activity! I have never been to a maple farm before but as a fellow Canadian I can say just how great maple syrup is. I can just imagine how amazing fresh maple syrup would be. Thanks for taking us along for the tour.


    1. Visiting a sugar bush farm would have been way low on my bucket-list, but, from your description and the enticing pics you shared, I’d def’ visit Maple, or another one, somed day.


  7. That is such a fun experience. I love these kind of tours and learn how the products are made. The last one I enjoyed was the visit to a cheese factory.


  8. I have a cousin who runs a sugarbush farm here in Ontario! I love going to visit them to see how the process works- and to eat maple syrup that’s frozen over snow haha!
    I never thought to turn the outing into a date idea, though! It looks like a lot of outdoorsy fun 🙂


  9. I wish we had maple production near us! I really want to try the maple snow. Loved your video (well…love all of them). My ‘trip to the north’ list just keeps growing.


  10. This looks like such a fun, seasonally appropriate thing to do! My kids would love something like this. I really like how it combines practical, educational, and fun.


  11. When I was really young, my family took a road trip through New England and I got to visit a maple farm in Vermont, which was a super neat experience. Despite how long ago it was, I still remember trying maple on the snow, maple candies, and fresh maple syrup on some pancakes and waffles. I’d LOVE to do something like that again as an adult. I’m so glad you got to experience all of that as well!


  12. I wish I could travel to Canada and Maple Sugar Bush Farm. We love Maple syrup in our household on pancakes, waffles and breakfast in general.


  13. This looks so fun! Where I live in NY we have plenty of maple farms, but not a lot are allowing guests or doing tours right now. I would love to travel to canada to visit this farm and try their pancake breakfast!


  14. I’ve always LOVED doing this since I was a kid. It has been a few years since I last went to a Canadian maple farm so I need to do this soon. Nothing better than picking up different varieties of maple syrup too! Yum 🙂


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